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    It all starts with light and energy

    Design meets function -

    Smart design furniture for urban spaces

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  • LUME

    Made in France

    Handcrafted customizable

    light consoles

    100% solid wood

    Exclusive custom made glass

    A celebration of colour and light

  • Colour is energy

    Let your light shine - whatever colour it is

  • Colour is life

    Pick your own colour combination -

    and contact us with any individual request





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    Model: "Chimney Fire"

    Wood Tint: Mahogany inspired

    Glass colour: Orange. Really orange

    LUME 'Chimney Fire' for sure creates a very warming atmosphere.

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    Model: "Forest Fairy"

    Wood Tint: Ebony
    Glass colour: Green-blue

    A very special wood tint. Created by and for Wabe. Already admired for its deep intensity.

  • Choices of style & colour

    LUME comes in 5 different wooden tints- und with a choice of more than 10 colour options for the glas.

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    Glass colour: Shimmery Grey

    LUME - here in an unlit state and a loyal servant with different storage options.

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    Model: Ebony

    Here you can have a look at LUME's puristic form
  • Zen. With your personal pattern


    The pattern can be picked individually

    or even be co-created

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    LUME Model 'Lagon'

    Glass colour: Lagoon blue

    Holiday feeling - by simply pushing a button.

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    LUME Model 'Toucher de soleil'

    Glass colour: Honey yellow

    'Honey yellow' will charme your lovely home even more.

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  • Videos from and with wabe

    wabe original at Maison & Objet in Paris

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  • The world of

    wabe original

    Die Wabe. The honeycomb.
    Without doubt one of nature's most ingenious structures.


    Its puristic yet complex geometry is versatile and elegant at the same time. It is from these attributes that wabe original draws its identity and inspiration. Because nature is and has always has been our biggest muse. We are one whilst often appearing to be separate.
    Yet real force lies within unity - the fusion of the apparently unconnected, yet opposite. Just as function and beauty. Geometry and organics. Wood and metal. Light and colour. Together they can create the unexpected.
    The Honeycomb. Invented by nature. Used by mankind for some of our most audacious inventions.
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  • The designer

    Doris C. Keller

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    my first true love: colour.

    From young age I was fascinated by the power of colour, the beauty stemming from the variety of materials, different cultures and languages and the force that comes from mixing and matching it all. I strongly believe that 1 + 1 can and should always equal 3.


    This belief has influenced the way I designed hats - by merging fashion engineering techniques with those of milliners. As well as my unorthodox fashion designs throughout the early days of the German underground house scene beginning of the 90ties. Alienating and integrating objects into wearables.

    Yet it is not only a creative philosophy. It is also one that strongly guided me throughout more than a decade in international business - and allowed me to visit and love so many different countries and cultures. Whilst seeing the realities of life in ever expanding mega cities on different continents.


    Having moved in and out of more than 10 apartments always put me back into the same spot, particularly in London and Paris: I felt that there was never the right furniture to match the realities of apartments in these dense cities.

    Either it was super stylish. Or functional. But both? A rare find. And how about colour options on top of that? Colour in combination with high quality material? Even less likely to be found.


    Hence, when I last moved flats, I decided to no longer just make individual pieces of furniture for my own use. But to create and share it.


    It was an old Parisian window which I found on one rainy day abandoned in the 9th arrondissement of Paris which gave me the spark to do so. But this story is for another time to be told...

  • Retailers

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    Barbier Luminaire

    28 rue Copernic

    75016 Paris

    From Mai 2018

  • Trade Shows

    & Events

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    Design Fair Paris

    05. - 08. Avril 2018

    Paris Expo - Hall 7.1

    Porte de Versailles



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    Expoisiton Aparté

    22. - 28. January 2018

    Paris 3rd arrondissement


    16 rue Sainte Anastase

    75003 Paris, France


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    Maison & Objet

    08. - 12. September 2017

    Hall 7 — Stand F172

    Our first exhibition to reveal LUME.

  • wabe SASU

    2, rue Marie et Louise

    75010 Paris

    +33 (1) 49 95 03 74

    info (at) wabeoriginal.com

    Web publisher: wabe SASU

    simplified single shareholder company under French law with a capital of 50,000 Euros

    Registered with the Trade Register of Paris under no. 820 650 927

    VAT identification number FR61 820650927

    President: Mrs. Doris C. Keller

    Web host: OVH SAS France - 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France

    wabe is a registered trademark of wabe SASU. All rights reserved under French and international law.


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