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Preproduction launch

What a joy to see things materialize...

What an outstanding Monday it is today - I hope for many others as well :o))

Personally I just need to note this day as a very special one in this fabulous journey that wabe original took me on since its very first moment.

Today is the day that the first (pre-) production run of a small series of wabe's core piece of furniture - the light table, side board, ambient light console, illuminated bed side table -or however you want to call our first core line product 'LUME'- has been kick-started.

We have long been busy to make this special moment happen with....

... matching colours across different materials and hence different suppliers

... certain materials taking longer to be sourced than standard ones chosen in most furniture

... the quest for new technical solutions requiring a lot of investigation and due diligence

... adapting production parameters across different prototypes being time intensive despite new methods of rapid prototyping

... the existing yet still new and hence rapidly evolving LED light technology not yet being standardized in its connectivity parameters

... creating an interior design item that is a hybrid being a totally different game

... delivering two products in one yet appearing as one is a special task - so stay tuned for our ambient lighting in a piece of design furniture...

... or is it a piece of furniture with an integrated lamp? Finally that's up to you.

... and, last but not least - simply with striving to bring to live a lovely and innovative interior design object that hopefully a lot of people with fall in love with

Hence I am extremely excited today. To see things materialize. Excited to soon see the outcome of months of research come to fruition other than in prototypes. Simply excited to see the materialization of a part of my dream come true. With many more parts to come...

I am grateful for all the amazing people whose paths I have crossed on this journey so far and who I am allowed to work with. Thank you.

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